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The Mitchell Corn Fallacy, the Endgame

I suppose that first visit to Mitchell, South Dakota was my own personal uncloaking of Oz, of becoming aware that the adult world at times conceals suspect motives. The Corn Palace was Oz and I was angry. I wouldn’t regain my balance until... Continue Reading →

The Mitchell Corn Fallacy, Part Three

On that first trip out West, our visit to the Corn Palace was a fast draw at some entertainment. It didn't matter that we had learned about it just hours before, from a color brochure we’d picked up at a gas stop -- by the... Continue Reading →

The Mitchell Corn Fallacy, Part Two

In spite of its creators' best intentions and its own corny nature, the Palace speaks two truths -- first, of the bounty of the American West, of the riches to be mined. Its building was maybe just a prideful wink celebrating the success of corn on the... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw Trail — a book review

“I find that as technology advances us into the future with stunning innovations, I become more interested in the past. For this reason I wanted to see for myself what remained of The Outlaw Trail before it was too late.”... Continue Reading →

#50 The Mitchell Corn Fallacy, Part One

I was sailing across the Great Plains in a plastic schooner on a green sea, about eight hours into the slog from Madison to Rapid City, the drive was getting to my head. So I made a pit stop in MitchelI to catch some z's and praise the local Corn... Continue Reading →

How West Can You Get?

I met an old drifter one night in an alley in Greeley, Colorado. I was a kid and it was the notorious 'Sixties, had hitchhiked out from Minneapolis, caught a ride with an Indian Sikh and a local gal who had... Continue Reading →

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