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The Inevitability of the Whistle

The question going around tonight concerns the inevitability of the whistle, the lipped variety, and it's more simple amazement that we have this kid's toy right there all the time in front of our noses and just some hairs south.... Continue Reading →

The Mitchell Corn Fallacy, the Endgame

I suppose that first visit to Mitchell, South Dakota was my own personal uncloaking of Oz, of becoming aware that the adult world at times conceals suspect motives. The Corn Palace was Oz and I was angry. I wouldn’t regain my balance until... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw Trail — a book review

“I find that as technology advances us into the future with stunning innovations, I become more interested in the past. For this reason I wanted to see for myself what remained of The Outlaw Trail before it was too late.”... Continue Reading →

How West Can You Get?

I met an old drifter one night in an alley in Greeley, Colorado. I was a kid and it was the notorious 'Sixties, had hitchhiked out from Minneapolis, caught a ride with an Indian Sikh and a local gal who had... Continue Reading →

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